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Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust
Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust is a Zambian project, established in 1998, that operates in the area surrounding South Luangwa National Park. The objectives are to teach local children the value of wildlife and to improve the educational standard of the local schools through material assistance and sponsorship of teachers and pupils. For more information - click here.

South Luangua Conservation
Travelers who wish to support the conservation of the local wildlife and natural resources of the National Park and surrounding Game Management Areas in South Luangua are contributing to SLCS via Generosity in Action. Details.

Creative Solutions Resource Systems - Zanzibar a grass roots organization providing access to alternative education through both traditional and modern systems. CSRS strives to unleash the creative energy within each individual through participatory workshops, classes and demonstrations.Click here for more information

Chorten Nebu Monastery in Bhutan - this project is licated a two hour walk from the nearest road and was brought to us by a hiking traveler of BackRoads. The guide Namgay Tshering is spearheading the effort. Details here

Shali Pankha Monastery - this is a second isolated monastery and school in Bhutan being aided by Namgay Tshering. Click here for details

Girls Too...
Following an appeal for funds for a project for young male monks, a traveler asked "what about the girls?" That has resulted in an education program for girls too. Details here.

Shiwa Ng'andua Rural Development Project is a new program to help the people in the Shiwa Ng'andu rural community Zambia. Click here for details.

Malimba Community School - South Luangwa, Zambia has received contributions from recent travelers. For mor information on the school click here.

Kasimu Education Fund - We are happy to encourage donations to the Kasimu Education Fund.

Pyaw Bwe School - Bagan, Burma. The school has been completed, dedicated and presentted tot he village. For the background click here. For photos of the dedication ceremony click here. A new school project is underway - click here for details.

Kawaza School Fund - Mufuwe, Zambia. Clients of Robin Pope Safaris have sent donations to improve the buildings and student sponsorships of the Kwaza School. See details.

High School Building - Timia Niger
The oasis of Timia located in the Sahara in Niger is in need of a High School building. Travelers in November and December 2006 visited this remote region in the Sahara andhave donated funds to help with the effort. See details at Timia Niger.

Hoop Dreams
In February 2006 in the village of Bayanga in the Central Africa Republic a basketball court was completed and dedicated for the villager. In February 2005 travelers on a Bushtracks Expedition first visited the village, wanted to "give back" and wished to help the local people. They agreed to fund the project. During the year the court was completed and the court was dedicated in the spring of 2006. See a photo report of the ceremony and first basketball game at this link. (Use the "Back" key to return to this page.)

Phase II of the Bayanga project will consist of providing scholarships for the students in the village, uniforms for the basketball team and assistance in transporting the team to games in the closest neighboring village. Funds are currently being raised and donations are encouraged.

Another School in Burma
Plans have been finalized for another school to be constructed in Pyaw Bwe, asmall village near Bagan in Burma. It is anticipated that the building will be completed by June 2006.(The completion took an additional year. Read more about the complications doing business in Burma.) Details are available.

And Another School Building in Burma
Following a sucessful travel program to Burma in 2008 the travelers asked that we develop another school program in the Bagan area. In the fall of 2008 a project consisting of a science building for the Kya-O High School was finalized and will be constructed in April-June 2009. Details of the project.

Construction of a classroom in Zambia
The Mukuni Village in Zambia is the focus of a program coordinated by Bushtracks Expeditions. After a visit to the village in July 2005 by a group of families with their children plans were drawn for the construction of a three-room classroom block which is needed for Mukuni School to qualify for a grade 12 school. The school construction has been completed.

School in Livingston, Zambia
S ubsequantly Bushtracks elected to support a different school in the Livingston area. The Ebenezer School is in the middle of a major building project and Bushtracks travelers had help with the funding. Details available

Kirua Good Hope Women's Cooperative - TZIVA
An individual travelers approached Generosity in Action to assist her to aid women in a small village near Arusha, Tanzania. Located on the slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro Lasso Kira is a 45 minute walk from the nearest transportation and even farther to the next largest village. "Kirua Good Hope Women's Cooperative" plans to sew uniforms and other commercial items to earn money for the women in the village. Subsequently the organization has establishhed their own chariable foundation to advance their program. We are pleased to have been able to assist their initial efforts.

This program has been absorbed into the Zanzibar Special Projects.

Science Labratory
On March 5, 2005 a building to house a science labratory was dedicated and construction started at the High School in the Let-Pan-Chay-Paw village near Bagan. Funds for this project were donated by travelers to Burma in the fall of 2004. The building was completed in August 2005. View pictures of the dedication.

Amazon Schools
One of the early Generosity in Action programs was the assistance to schools along the Amazon in Peru that were not on the radar screen of the government. Generosity in Action travelers funded school books for three communities. Details here.

Donations can me made for any of these projects. Make checks payable to "Generosity in Action"
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