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Generosity in Action is an independent organization managed by Duncan Beardsley, the former Director of the Stanford Alumni Association Travel/Study Programs. While occasional Stanford programs incorporate GiA projects, Generosity in Action has no direct affiliation with Stanford.

Travel organizers are encouraged to follow the practices of GiA and are welcome to use the funding conduit that has been established. GiA's only criterion is that each project must have a plan which has very high probability for success. Please read Hints for Travel Organizers elsewhere on this site.

Charitable donations are handled through Philanthropic Ventures Foundation. (As of January 2005, Duncan Beardsley serves on the Board of Philanthropic Ventures Foundation.)

Correspondence can be sent to:

Generosity in Action
c/o Philanthropic Ventures Foundation
1222 Preservation Park Way
Oakland, CA 94612-1201

or you can email info@GenerosityInAction.org


Above - Duncan Beardsley in Burma

Right - Young girl greets travelers in Peruvian village.

Generosity in Action- travelers helping in developing countries
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