Malimba Community School Fund

The Malimba Community School is loacted in the Luangwa Valley in Zambia and is a community project that is overseen by Tribal textiles as well as Adrian and Christine Carr. Generosity in Action has worked with Adrian and Christina Carr in their capacity with Norman Carr Safaris for a number of years and are very pleased to assist their efforts to support the Malimba School.

It has been a busy and successful year at Malimba Community School - although frustrating at times. One of the main medium-term goals was to have the school formally adopted into the government education system for which there is a daunting list of requirements! The most important is that the buildings must meet the specific government standard or face the risk of being condemned and our initial building plan for the teacher's house based on available funds did not meet these specifications. These are pictures of some of the construction that is taking place.

A significant part of the School Fund has been the construction of a new 1 x 3 classroom which will make an enormous difference to the lives of those in the village; however they still need to furnish the classrooms with desks, chairs, blackboards and the ever-needed pens, paper, pencils etc. They are hoping to be able to basic needs such as poster paints, brushes and paper so that the children can unleash their creative talents! Art development is something that is sadly lacking in most local school due to lack of resources.

A new school committee was formed and the building was initially delayed whilst they met together with the chief to discus the way forward.

The School Committee
Back Row - Ruth Jere (member), Kenan Banda (Treasurer), Justin Kalongo (Chairman), Mulephere Njovu (member)
Front Row - James Banda (member), Francis Chulu (Secretary), Mary Mbewe (member)



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