Let-Pan-Chay-Paw Village Hand Over Ceremony


The follwing is a report from New Horizons Tours in Rangoon following the Hand-Over Ceremony of the recently constructed science labratory at the Let Pan Chay Pay High School.

Report on Let Pan Chay Paw Science Lab Handing-Over Ceremony:
It is my pleasure to report that the ceremony was held successfully on 22 Aug 05. We arrived Bagan on 20 Aug evening and we went to the school the next day 21 Aug to check all necessary arrangements for the ceremony are in order. I found out that the school building is very good and is ready for use.

The ceremony was attended by Township Education Officer, Principal of State High School Nyaung U, the Headmistress of Let Pan Chay Paw Village Sub High School and the school teachers, village elders, the students, and ourselves. Traditional offerings to the monks and recitation of the scriptures was performed. We also fed vermicelli soup to more than 760 students of the school at lunch break. All the parties concerned -- the Education Officers, the teachers, the students, the village elders, and ourselves, including the monks were very happy with the new lab building and we all were in high spirits during the ceremony. Like our primary school building in Thit Htaunk Kyun, this science lab building is of high quality and will serve the purpose very well.

The ceremony started with cutting the silk rope by TEO, on behalf of the authorities, and myself, on behalf of you and GiA, in front of the building (see attached the photo). As a part of the ceremony, I also handed over the documents of the construction of the science lab to TEO and the Head Mistress gave me a green banner representing the ceremony as a return. Both TEO and the Headmistress expressed their sincere thanks of getting a new science lab building and that our effort will help greatly to enhance the education of all the students in the school in their speeches. They also assured that they will apply to the authorities to become a full fledged high school as soon as possible. We also expressed why we donated the science lab, how we raised the fund, and asked the officials and the villagers to sustain the building well in the future. When I poured the libation water after the meritorious, I did so on your behalf and that of GIA..
I hope you will find satisfaction on the fulfilment of this project. We were told that once it becomes a full fledged high school, all high school students from the villages in the area -- some 15 to 20 villages -- will attend this school, obviating the necessity to go to far away schools in the towns, thereby saving a lot of expenditure, time and labor. These students will also be able to contribute labor in their own homes and fields. This prospect, for me, gives me a sense of satisfaction and reward for the your donation and the time and efforts we have expended. This I come to realize is a really worthwhile project.

Attached please find the photos the science lab building. The school named the science lab "red flame of the forest hall" as you can see it on the wall in red colour in Myanmar words. They explained the name was chosen as the building is in front of a red flame of the forest tree.

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