Shiwa Ng'andua Rural Development Project

The aims of SNDRP are to improve the basic standard of living of the residents of the Shiwa Ng'andu rural community through improved education, communication, health care, and nutrition. We also aim to improve farming methods and diversification, address water and sanitation issues with an emphasis on environment and health.


The projects the SNRDP is currently focusing on are as follows:


1. Promoting women and children's health through encouraging women to deliver at the hospital. This helps reduce unnecessary maternal and child death and illness, which unfortunately occurs more frequently with at home village births. Mothers are now encouraged to deliver in the hospital and are provided with a baby packet when they do. Since this program has started babies born in the hospital has increased from 2 per month to 12 per month in 4 years time.
a. Packets include: baby grower, plastic pants, nappies, socks, vest, leggings, bonnets, and nappie pins. The SNRDP provides the baby packets to the clinic.

2. The clinic services 11 satellite stations in the region and registered members have increased from 7,000 to 12,000 in the past 7 years. SNRDP sponsors Child health weeks which deal with growth monitoring and immunizations at all the satellite stations. More than 2,000 children are seen during these weeks.

3. The Chinsali Ministry of Health comes every 6 months to do free HIV testing and counseling. Have received donations in the past which allowed for 4 HIV workshops to be put on. Would like to continue this practice to keep awareness alive in this area.
a. HIV in the area is currently put at 21%

4. The SNRDP also purchases medications and supplies for the clinic. The Ministry of Health stores are currently empty and more often than not do not have what the clinic needs so it has fallen to SNRDP to help provide important medications and supplies for the clinic to help prevent any serious health crises.

5. Mpika District Hospital Physiotherapy Department
a. The SNRDP is currently trying to raise money or receive donations for a variety of supplies for the Physiotherapy Department at the MDH, to get this facility up and running.

Building of New Clinic
a. The current Shiwa Ng'andu Clinic is a bit run down and structurally unsound for a hospital environment. The goal is to build a new facility to accommodate more patients and offer better facilities. This will be our main focus for 2009.

1. New Basic School
a. Would like to move the current Shiwa Ngandu Middle Basic School from its current location to the site of the old clinic. The buildings are fine for a school and any basic repairs can be made to make the school functionable.
b. Problems with current location is the state of the classroom blocks and lack of materials, no water on site, very close to main road so danger for the students. The school has lost nearly half its students in the past year due to poor conditions at the school

2. Main goal for 2009 is to get the Shiwa and Timba schools up and running at a high level and then have government take over once section of land is given to them.
a. Explanation- at the moment the government is not putting any money into the schools here as they say they are on private land, which is the case, but the schools were established on the private land by the government. The Harvey's are going to cordon off a section of their land and have this section given back to the government. This section of land will house the new clinic and the new Shiwa Ngandu Middle Basic School. It is hoped that once both facilities are up and running and the land allocated to the government, the Ministry of Education will take responsibility for the school and maintain it properly. Obviously SNRDP will be involved with programs at the school after this date, but hopefully maintenance and supply of books, etc will fall to the government and SNRDP can focus on issues for which the government does not have the resources to help with.

1. Silo Project
a. Would like to build a silo for maize storage for the local farmers in the area. The goal of the silo would be to not only to preserve the maize, but also to provide an outlet for farmers to receive fertilizer from. Every year farmers lose approx. half their crop to pests which destroy stored grain in the basic silos they have built. This means they not only don't have enough food to last them through the year, but also do not have enough extra to sell later on to by inputs for their new crops. Goal for the silo is buy maize off farmers for storage. They then can take some of that money and keep it as a credit for fertilizer from the silo once the planting season begins. They will also be able to keep a credit of maize at the silo for consumption later in the year.

2. Orphans
a. A record of all the orphans in the area is kept and we make all efforts to provide them with clothing periodically and also to help feed them.

The Shiwa Ng'andu Rural Development Project (SNRDP) has been a registered charitable organization in Zambia since October 2004.
Following is a list of the SNRDP Board members:
Chairman- Charles Harvey
Director- Mark Harvey
Director- Kabosha Chipwaya
Secretary- Joanne Harvey
Member- Benjamin Kafuta
Member- Isaac Ngulube
Member- Jowelli Shangomba
Member- Godad Mukubi
Member- Paul Golson

Donate to the Shiwa Ng'andua Rural Development Project.
Make checks payable to "Philanthropic Ventures Foundation " and note on the "memo" line on the check - "SNRDP Fund."
Mail donations to:
Generosity in Action

c/o Philanthropic Ventures Foundation
1222 Preservation Park Way
Oakland, CA 94612-1201

You can make a donation to the
Shiwa Ng'andua Rural Development Project via the internet

once at PVF/Donate page, locate the section "Designated Funds" - click the button for "Generosity in Action" - and specifiy "SNRDP Fund" in the text box.
There is a 3% administrative fee for internet transactions
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