Project Luangwa
South Luangwa, Zambia


South Luangwa has a beauty and magic all of its own but it can be a harsh and unforgiving place, especially for the local people. There are no natural resources, such as copper, in the area and little employment apart from tourism. The vast majority of local people are subsistence farmers and have an income below the international poverty line.

Project Luangwa is a charitable organization which aims to help the local community in and around South Luangwa improve their economic prospects through developing schools; supporting girls and women by encouraging both self-esteem and self-reliance; providing training facilities and helping to get more kids into school through sponsorship. We are not a quick-fix organisation and look for long term sustainable solutions that give a hand-up rather than a hand-out.

The charity was formed in 2009 and is supported by five safari operators in the Luangwa Valley as part of their commitment to helping the local communities. Many lodges give a small percentage of the amount an individual guest pays each night to community projects and conservation - and the lodges who are members of Project Luangwa pass their funds to us. This covers our administration costs and so we are very proud to say that we can guarantee that 100% of all donations are used to directly support your chosen project.

Project Luangwa is run by locals who live and work within the Mfuwe community.


There are over 25 schools in the area surrounding Mfuwe but just two are secondary schools. Teachers struggle with few resources and often there is just one textbook for the whole class.

Too few classrooms coupled with an inadequate number of teachers means that it is not unusual to see up to 100 kids in a class and many will be sitting on the floor due to a lack of desks and chairs. But these are the lucky ones; primary schooling is free but at secondary level there are far too few places and many parents cannot afford school fees, uniform or even exercise books.

Due to HIV/Aids and other diseases we have a large number of orphans in the area. At one small community school 210 of the 318 pupils are double orphans.

Fewer girls attend school than boys and often do not achieve their potential. This may be due to tradition and culture, sexual abuse, teenage pregnancy, early marriage low expectations and self-esteem or just because they have more home chores to do than boys. Often by the time they have finished it is too dark to study or do homework and many families cannot afford candles.

The Kawaza School was the initial Project Luangwa program supported by Generosity in Action. Donations for the Kawaza School are managed by Project Luangwa.


Build new classrooms, libraries, and science blocks
Renovate old classrooms
Build and refurbish teachers' accommodation
Provide desks and chairs
Donate teaching aids and text books
Fund additional teachers at community schools
Build and support community Schools
Sink bore holes
Provide toilet facilities
Fund the training of new teachers
Plant trees at schools
Give out solar lights to day pupils so they can study in the evenings
Arrange pupil sponsorship to school and students to college and university
Promote conservation education
Help girls with social issues, run Girls' Days, provide bras and help with sanitary wear
Encourage better literacy with a Literacy and Reading Scheme
Donate books for libraries
Donate wheelchairs and help with medical issues
Provide hope for the future

For more information visit the Project Luangwa website.

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Sending a donation - One of the best ways to help is by sending a donation. This is probably the most effective thing you can do as it allows us to develop schools, buy text books, provide teachers and so on. Remember we spend 100% of your donation on your chosen project.

However there are lots of other ways visitors help:
Pupil sponsorship -
Sending/bringing books for our libraries -
Bring-a-Bra -
School stationery -
Volunteer -


Visit our website:

Call at the office:
Chinzombo (ZAWA offices), Mfuwe
Post: PO Box 27, Mfuwe

Email: CEO - Ian Macallan

Telephone: 00260 (0) 216 246 265 / 00260 (0) 974250152 /3



Donate to the Project Luangwa.
Make checks payable to "Philanthropic Ventures Foundation " and note on the "memo" line on the check - "Project Luangwa."
Mail donations to:
Philanthropic Ventures Foundation
1222 Preservation Park Way
Oakland, CA 94612-1201


You can make a donation to Project Luangwa via the internet

Once at Generosity in Action Donate page click on "Project Luangwa." Note: there is a 3% transaction fee to cover credit card fees, bank fees, and other processing costs.


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