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Zambia and Madagascar


Time+Tide Foundation

Time+Tide initiates and manages projects in the conservation areas of Liuwa Plain, the Lower Zambezi and South Luangwa Valleys in Zambia and the Nosy Ankao archipelago and adjacent mainland in Madagascar.

In each of these locations, we have a physical presence and capable people who can provide assistance and oversight to our beneficiaries. Through carefully considered evaluation
and monitoring structures, we are able to account for the effectiveness of our projects and their local social and environmental impacts.


The initial Foundation beneficiaries were identified based on their historical relationships to the Time + Tide properties and the contemporary needs of each area. They cover a wide spectrum of initiatives, from ecological research and monitoring to student sponsorships, seaweed farming and active citizenship campaigns. Amidst their diverse objectives and audiences, all of our beneficiaries ignite a sense of accountability for their community's conscientious development. Through grants and collaborations, the Time and Tide Foundation assists beneficiaries in developing their organisations and projects such that these wild landscapes and their human inhabitants can exist harmoniously and healthily.

Formally registered in June 2015 under Foundation No. FD 246 in the Republic of Mauritius, the Time + Tide Foundation was established to initiate and sponsor social and ecological ventures in the communities and conservation areas surrounding Time + Tide tourism properties.


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