Travelers' philanthropy supporting local people in developing countries.

Travelers: When you travel you may come across a village, school or community that inspires you to want to give-back, contact us to see if we can coordinate with local ground operators in the community to insure that your goal is fulfilled. We may be able to structure the program to allow your donation to qualify for a tax deduction in the US. Read on for examples of successful projects that helped local people. The Chorten Nebu Monastery project is a good example.

Tour Operators: Consider creating a Give-Back program in communities that are key to the success of your business. Organize the project so that your travelers might wish to contribute and further benefit the community. Donations may be tax deductible in the US. Read on for examples of how others have made giving-back a part of their core business plan. The Project Luangwa and the Explore Safari - Direct Impact Africa are a good examples.

Generosity in Action provides a structure for travelers to support local villages and people. Coordination with tour operators and tour leaders insure that donations are properly applied to the projects intended.

Generosity in Action assists in having controls in place and can provide a tax-deductible foundation for travelers' generosity. Projects range from providing text books to schools in Peru to digging a well and building a school in Burma to coordinating donations for many projects in southern Africa.

Review recent programs, learn how travelers initiate projects, and how to support existing charitable organizations.
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List of Generosity in Action projects

Bright Minds - Nigeria

Chipembele Wildlife Trust - South Luangwa

Direct Impact Africa (Explore Safaris) - Zambia

The Dulabhatorn Foundation - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Lesedi School & Clinic (Ngoko Trust) - Zimbabwe

MaKoleKole Drilling and Water Solutions - Zambia

Project Luangwa - Zambia

Conservation South Luangwa - Zambia

Tafika Fund - Remote Africa Safaris - Zambia

Time+Tide Foundation - Zambia

Tukongote Community Projects - Zambia

Yanapana Peru - Peru

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Make your donation On-Line

Generosity in Action and Philanthropic Ventures Foundation accept donations over the internet. Check the link at the bottom of any program page or click here. Click on "Generosity in Action" button and enter specific program in the box "Add further desognation" in upper right of page.

Examples of our many projects...

Chorten Nebu Monastic School in the Punakha Valley region of Bhutan is in need of basic water and sanitary facilities. A couple on a recent trek in those mountains have initiated a major project. Click here for more details.

...and a program designed to offer education for girls in far reaching villages in Bhutan. A program simply called Girls Too. Click here for the latest information

Ngoko School in Zimbabwae started with a dream of a few travelers to improve a minimal facility and has developed into a significant school building. For more details click here.

Mt. Lodges in Peru has taken on many programs to benefit the communities where their lodges are located. Travelers have supported these programs and recently a major adventure retailer has offered a significant contribution. Check here...

A unique project to study the lions of the Serengeti in northern Tanzania.
For details - click here.

The Kawaza School Fund is a "giving back" project of Robin Pope Safaris in South Luangwa, Zambia, Africa. We are pleased to process their fund raising effort in the US.
Click here for more information.

Other school projects.
Text books delivered to schools the Amazon region of Peru. See more...


Generosity in Action is a designated fund maintained at Philanthropic Ventures Foundation - a qualified 501(c)3 Public Charity.

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