Zanzibar Special Projects

The most recent effort of Generosity in Action for ZSP has been to secure five laptop computers equipped with Microsoft XP and a series of Office programs that were delivered to Zanzibar in July 2008 by a group of Vanderbilt University students who are participating in a volunteer program. The goal will be to teach computer skills to the local people that work with ZSP. For photos click here.

email received July 26, 2008
Attached are photos of our little (but oh-so-appreciated!) computer center. The computers are located in ZSP house, which GIA donations are helping to fund. The two women teachers are two of our current volunteers from Vanderbilt University. We have two students to each computer and our classes are full already with a growing waiting list. I wish I could somehow bottle the students' happiness at having access to computers so you could share the gratification I feel at having been part of getting this started.

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