Jan 2017 Update

Ouidah Homeless Children's Project


On January 22, 2017, I was greeted by a wildly appreciative and happy group of children in Benin, W.Africa on my trip to purchase to the property and launch the Homeless Children's Center of Ouidah. I truly did not know if this dream would become a reality, but it has…thanks to friends like you.

My 10-day visit cemented my confidence in the long-term value and success of this project. Martine de Souza (founder and Executive Director) is fully committed to the Center and to its financial self-sufficiency.

The new property is now owned by the Benin non-profit - APEF - founded over 12 years ago by Martine and two others. Members of APEF and its Board met with me during my visit. They are a wonderful group who expressed tremendous gratitude for our efforts and contributions. They elected me the Board as well.

After completing the property purchase, I used the extra $1000 that was collected to purchase bunk beds and mattresses for the kids (they previously slept on the floor on cardboard). The beds are hand made from local hardwood and will last forever.

Going forward, we would like to:

- Install a well - $1,600
The well is needed because city water is very expensive and we have a lot of kids to serve. We will also need water for a large garden.
- Complete the bathrooms - $1,650
The bathroom is plumbed but there are no fixtures and the walls are unfinished (cinder blocks only).
- Plaster four rooms - $400
- Purchase school uniforms and school supplies - $250/year
Most of the kids started school for the first time 18 months ago and are doing extremely well.
- Launch a major self-sufficiency project - $1,000
We have several projects under consideration.

Donations are allowing us to start these projects now. We are striving for self-sufficiency.

Craig Sherod craig@craigsherodphoto.com

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The children are a delight. They are not orphans and their reasons for being homeless all stem from parental failure or (occasionally) child trafficking. (Martine's NGO has done great work in remote villages educating parents on the tricks used by traffickers to effectively steal their children, move them far away, and sell them as domestic slaves.) Today, these children are happy, and after less than a year of school are at the top of their classes.

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