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"Timm was the Chief of the Yurok Tribe of California Indians and began his association with Stanford during the 1951 football season, when we went to the Rose Bowl and Timm represented Stanford there at the first Rose Bowl game to be televised in color and to the entire country. He was also there at the ’71 and ’72 Rose Bowls. Timm was at every home game and many away games for twenty years and was the furthest thing from a caricature you could ever imagine. Timm was the consummate gentleman and never did anything in the twenty plus years that he was part of the Stanford athletic scene that brought any discredit or dishonor to himself, his tribe, to Indians or to Stanford. We were proud to have him representing us!
Al Kirkland Stanford ‘53

"In my 20 years as Prince Lightfoot I've never been criticized for degrading Indians" Timm Williams (Stanford Daily 2/9/72).

"Once an Indian..." is a group of athletes who proudly represented Stanford University as Indians. Linked by this identity, we are a tribe. Our leader was Timm Williams.

In his opulent ceremonial apparel Timm steadfastly led us into competition as a noble and graceful personification of our sense of pride in our group identity and our athletic skills.

A gesture in honor of Timm Williams is long overdue. The purpose of "Once an Indian" is to rectify that shortcoming.


"Once an Indian" is a repository for funds to be used in cooperation with Stanford University for the betterment of a tribe. It is a long overdue gesture of appreciation for Timm Williams. He isn't here to consult, but our priority will be to provide assistance to his Karuk brothers and sisters."

An ancillary purpose will be to sponsor attendance at the Stanford Legends confabulations. The university might use the money to honor a talented (even if not Pac Ten competitive) Karuk student athlete with a visit to Stanford, our goals would be met.

We solicit contacts and ideas for worthy beneficiaries.

Funds will be presented to Stanford University for their use in programs and projects that support Native Americans and particularily those of the Karuk tribe.

Contributions of any size welcomed. Donations of $200 and above will receive a thank-you letter and confirmation that your donation is tax-deductible. Generosity in Action is a designated fund of Philanthropic Ventures Foundation. PVF is a 501(c)3 qualified foundation. For more information on Generosity in Action and PVF click here.

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You can make a donation to the "One an Indian... Fund" via the internet. Click here.

Once you are at PVF/Donate page, locate the section "Designated Funds" - click the button for "Generosity in Action" - and specifiy in the text box "Once an Indian Fund" There is a 3% administrative fee for internet transactions

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