Students, diets and education
Kedougou - Senegal

The Lesfello Project

Our Mission:
to improve the students diets and education.


A letter from Jamie Trombley:

I'm here with the Pecve Corp - technically an agroforestry extension agent in the region of Kedougou. I live in a village named Lesfello, which means bottom of the mountain in puular. I have lived here since last September and done most of my work with the primary school because the teachers are patient with my language abilities and motivated to work.

Back in May the teachers, director, and village chief approached me about improving the students diets and education. They wanted to do this in the form tree nurseries and a school garden. To assess their commitment to the project we started with a banana and papaya nursery. The community came together and built a fence around the forage, to protect the plants from grazing livestock, and continually watered the trees. Next we established a 200 sack cashew nursery which also required daily watering and weeding. Both of these nurseries are thriving and will be out planted in late August.

Based on their commitment to the tree nurseries I feel confident that we can begin developing the school garden. It is our hope that by developing a demonstration school garden the community will learn new agroforestry and agricultural techniques while improving the students diets by adding vegetables and fruit. I plan to do a monthly demonstration with the students and community on techniques such as composting, double digging, ally cropping, and live fencing. The garden will be maintained by the students and teachers with guidance from me.

I have attached a budget in table form with some pictures of my community. The bulk of the cost is for metal fencing and transportation. I live in a very rural community and have to rent a truck to transport all the materials. I have also included paint in the budget for another world map in the village of Morobougou. The community has agreed to do all the labor for the fence erection as their contribution to the project.


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