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Norman Carr was passionate in his attempts to bring basic education within reach of as many children in the Mfuwe area as possible. As a result, he established the Kapani School Project in 1986 as a non-profit organisation focused on expanding educational opportunities for students from Mfuwe, Zambia.

Education in Zambia is free of charge from grades 1-7, however the fees for senior primary school students, secondary, and boarding schools are often unaffordable for families with little to no formal income. Over and above the school fees, students must wear uniforms, organise their own food and supplies, and begin each term with sufficient stationary.


The Kapani School Project's earliest aims were to provide uniforms and books to as many children as possible. In 2015, the Project supported school fees and additional costs for 11 primary school students, 17 day scholars, 15 boarding students, and 14 college students. Additionally, Yosefe Primary School, founded by the grandfather of Aubrey Njobvu, current Safari Manager for Norman Carr Safaris, has maintained a close relationship to the Kapani School Project since its conception. Initially there were only 2 qualified teachers at Yosefe; now, with 9 additional teacher houses, 3 new classroom blocks, a borehole, library, laboratory, ablution blocks, and electrification, all funded through the Kapani School Project, Yosefe retains 17 teachers, responsible for the education of 1,200 pupils.



Zambia's natural resources are precious, and Norman always believed that the future of Zambia's wildlife lay in the hands of the next generation. Accordingly, the Kapani School Project assists Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust to bring conservation awareness to students living amongst the wildlife of Mfuwe. Norman Carr Safaris staff participate in Chipembele Nature Nights, exposing students to the wonders of the South Luangwa National Park, and they also provide training and support to Chipembele staff.

In 2015, the Kapani School Project funded the re-painting of all 13 Yosefe School classrooms. Past and current Kapani School Project sponsored pupils, teachers, and NCS staff came together over five days of intensive painting to transform the interior of Yosefe classrooms from chipped white and beige walls, to a vibrant and energizing learning environment. Additionally, the Project is expanding on the borehole project this year by building a tank stand with a 10,000 L water tank and installing an electric pump into the borehole. Phase two of this project will see the connection of this tank to the ablution blocks, so that the students have running water at school.

Would you like to make a donation to the Kapani School Project? We are always collecting supplies for our sponsored students and currently have a shortage of novels for secondary school literature courses as well scientific calculators and math kits, which are difficult and expensive to come by in Zambia. Specifically, the students require the following items:

- Animal Farm, by George Orwell
- Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe
- The River Between, by Ngugi wa Thiong'o
- The Concubine, by Elechi Amadi
- The Chrysalids, by John Wyndham
- An Enemy of the People, by Henrik Ibsen
- Kongi's Harvest, by Wole Soyinka
- Julius Ceasar, by Shakespeare
- Uneasy Yoke, by Kachinga Sichizya
Standard Scientific Calculators - similar to the calculators shown here:
Math kit contents: rulers, protractors, retractable tape measurers, compasses

There is much suspicion these days about the proportion of any donation that is absorbed by the administration of large international charities. Our project is different: all members are volunteers and any administrative costs are borne by the company meaning that every penny generously donated goes directly to educating children.

Sponsorship Costs for One Student for One Year (USD)
* Tertiary Students: $2500
* Secondary School (Boarding Outside of Mfuwe): $550
* Secondary School (Boarding In Mfuwe): $380
* Secondary School (Day Scholar): $250
* Primary School: $10

Additonal informartion available at:
Time+Tide Website


Donations can me made to the Kapani School Project.

Make checks payable to:
"Philanthropic Ventures Foundation "
and note on the "memo" line on the check - "Kapani School Project."
Mail donations to:
Generosity in Action

c/o Philanthropic Ventures Foundation
1222 Preservation Park Way
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There is a 2% administrative fee on all transactions


Or...donations can be made over the internet directly to PVF/Generosity in Action.

Once at Generosity in Action Donate page click on "Kapani School"
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