Education Autistic Chiang Mai


Education Autistic Chiang Mai (EACM)
is a charitable foundation registered in Thailand
since 2016.

Children of low-income families are often left behind with grandparents in the rural Thailand where there is no real training available to help them to learn life skills. Many parents are ashamed of their children because the Thai culture and Buddhism view autism as a karma, passed down by ancestors.

Parents are worried about the future of their children, confused and do not know what treatment or education is available to their children. They are stressed with everyday care of the children while managing their jobs and families.

A child sits in front of the computer for 34 minutes with 2 sensors placed on top of the scalp to monitor the brain activities. The child listens to the music through earbuds while he or she plays with the toys or falls sleep. The data from the brain is sent to the software for analysis. When a pattern is detected the software will alert the brain by stopping the music for a milli second. The brain notices this and changes the way it connects with other brain cells. Once the brain learns a more natural way of connecting, it does not go back to the old way.

Severe autistic children showed noticeable changes in 10 weeks. They showed improvement in their ability to notice and engage with other people, ability to sense when the bladder is full, and ability to self-control.

The mother of 6 years old boy said "He finally learned how to use the toilet. He can squat down, use the hose to wash himself and then to use the tissue to dry. He is no longer a picky eater; he can eat all types of food, vegetables, fruits, fish, rice."


- Give neurofeedback training for low income families for 106 autistic children in Regional Special Education Center 8, Chiang Mai.
- Demonstrate effectiveness of neurofeedback training to schools and educators

- Give more neurofeedback training for low income families.
- Conduct clinical trials to publish in English scientific journals.
- Give parenting training to reduce stress in families.
- Create a community of parents to advocate for the children and to support each other.

Please join us and help autistic children in Thailand.


Thank you...

Keiko Samuels
Board Director - Education Autistic Chiang Mai Foundation



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