Conservation South Luangwa
Previously known as South Luangwa Conservation Society

Conservation South Luangwa is a Zambian registered non-governmental organization founded in 2003.


CSL is dedicated to protecting South Luangwa, it's wildlife and habitat through a combination of law enforcement support (anti-poaching), human wildlife conflict mitigation, veterinary work and community outreach. CSL employs 85 full time and believes conservation will only work if we engage local Zambians.

CSL conservation projects include anti-poaching support. CSL works in partnership with the Government Department of National Parks and Wildlife Services (DNPW) to conduct wide spread anti-poaching patrols in the national park and game management area. CSL provides a large portion of manpower (65 scouts) for anti-poaching patrols, transport deployments by vehicle and boats, rations, uniforms, equipment and refresher training.
Each year we support a minimum of 120 anti-poaching field patrols lasting 10 days each, 200 anti-snaring patrols and other rapid reaction responses.


Aerial Surveillance and Monitoring
CSL co-owns a light aircraft with the Zambian Carnivore Program used for aerial surveillance and monitoring of illegal activities such as carcasses, drying racks, bush fires, poachers and camps and long term research monitoring of carnivores. 2

The CSL / ZCP aircraft is a vital tool in the fight against poaching. Each year over 250 hours are flown on surveillance.


Detection Dog Unit
CSL has five detection dogs who work tirelessly with their eight handlers to reduce wildlife trafficking and poaching. The dogs are trained to detect ivory, bush meat, leopard, cheetah and lion skins, pangolin, firearms and ammunition and protected timber. Their base is in Mfuwe but they operate throughout Eastern Province.
Working Dogs for Conservation (WD4C) is CSL's partner and provides the dogs, ongoing training and technical advice.

Wildlife Rescue Unit
CSL employs a joint veterinarian with the Zambian Carnivore program to rescue wildlife that has been snared or has other human inflicted injuries in addition to collaring animals for research purposes. Over the past decade we have immobilized over 150 snared elephants, 30 lions, 10 giraffe, 15 hyaena, 20 wild dogs and many more. In addition we run the only vet clinic in Mambwe District and Dr Sichande is on hand to attend to domestic animals.

Human Wildlife Conflict Mitigation Work
CSL has a team of wildlife conflict mitigators who job is to assess crop and property damages in the community, implement mitigation measures such as chilli blasting elephants, constructing elephant safe grain stores, growing small scale crops unpalatable to elephants such as chilli, turmeric, ginger and lemon grass and teaching communities to live alongside elephants.








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