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Kapani School in Zambia

Bushtracks is a California-based air safari operator.During the "Africa by Air" program in February 2004, the group visited the Kapani School Project in South Luangwua, Zambia. The project was established in 1986 to educate local children who are not able to go to school. Bushtracks will be making a donation directly to the Project.

Travelers had the opportunity to contribute to the school, and by having their donations pass through Generosity in Action they received a confirmation that the donation is tax-deductible in the U.S.

Yosefe School is the flagship of the project, and currently sponsors 40 children, paying their tuition and giving them uniforms, books, pens and pencils. It has 34 students at various high schools, and 4 students have progressed to higher education, including a student who went to a teachers' training college and returned to Yosefe as a qualified teacher. The Project also teaches the children conservation awareness; and takes groups of kids into the National Park twice a month. The general attitude towards wildlife in the villages is negative, since elephants destroy crops, lions eat people or livestock, and impala antelope are just meat to eat. However due to the park visits and ongoing lectures on conservation, it is very rewarding to see the Project's efforts positively change the attitudes of these young children who may well become our game wardens of the future.

We are pleased to report that over $10,000 was donated by travelers from the Feberuary 2004 trip to create scholarships for srudents of the Yosefe school.

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Note for tour organizers:

Bushtracks has prepared a flyer on this project that will be handed out to all travelers. You can read it by clicking on this link.

You can also get a Microsoft Word file of this letter by clicking on this link. (Feel free to use this as a template for a flyer you may wish to create.)

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