Justica Nursury School
Singita Game Reserve - South Africa


Bushtracks - a California-based tour operator has adopted Generosity in Action to help them fulfill their "Giving-Back" pledge.

"Giving Back" to the people and regions in which we work is a core philosophy of Bushtracks. "Giving Back" means that our local staff support the community in which we work, that our staff overseas support the communities in the regions in which we travel and that we encourage our travelers to support the people that they visit.

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While traveling on an individually organized safari in South Africa a family was impressed with the need for facilities at a nursery school at the Justica School.

The Castleton Camp at the Singita Game Reserve coordinated with the school to purchase facilities for the children. The donation was processed through Bushtracks and coordinated by Generosity in Action.

The following are photos of the children enjoying the new playground equipment.

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Note for tour organizers:

Bushtracks has prepared a sample flyer that can be handed out to travelers. You can read it by clicking on this link. Consider preparing your own based on this format.

You can get a Microsoft Word file of this letter by clicking on this link. (Feel free to use this as a template for a flyer you may wish to create. Substitute your logo and program description.)

Contact info@GenerosityInAction.org to discuss how your company can adopt a program and use Generosity in Action as the vehicle for tax deductible donations.

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